Aerospace & Defense Component Manufacturer -
For over three decades Model Products, Inc. has produced strict quality compliant components and manufactured products for the aerospace and defense industry. With CNC Turning and Milling Machines encompassing a 6,900 square foot facility, we continually deliver the finest, most competitive, CNC turning and milling for both short and medium production runs.

CNC Swiss Machine, Turning & Milling Capabilities

Additional Turning Machine's
Hardinge Speed Lathes
Hardinge DSM-59 Hand Turret Lathes
Hardinge Tool Room Lathes w/ Tracer
Swiss Mikron Hand Turret Lathe
Derbyshire Instrument Lathe
CNC Milling Equipment
Haas OM2 Office Mill
Haas VF-2 CNC Vertical Machining Center
Full 4th Axis Capable
10,000 RPM Spindle
1000 IPM Rapid
30 x 16 x 20 (XYZ)
Progammable Indexing Head
Bridgeport Vertical Mill w/ Digital Readout
Lagun Vertical Mill
Hardinge Horizontal Milling Machine
Additional Manufacturing Equipment
Leitz Optical Jig Bore 6" x 6"
Servo Programmable Micro Drill Press w/ Aircraft Safety Wire Hole Drilling Attachment
Levin Micro Drill Press
Burmaster 6 Station Turret drilling & Tapping Machine
MHT Surface Grinder 6" x 12" w/ .000050" Incremental Down Feed
Gorton Cutter Grinder
Cutter Master End Mill Grinder
Harperizer Parts Finisher
Econoline Bead Blaster
Electrto-Etch Marking System
Cress Heat Treat Oven 10" W x 6" H x 18" D
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Hardinge Conquest GT (gang tool)
.00001" programmable resolution and tool offset
1.0062" thru collet, 4" chuck capacity
5-hp, 6000-rpm spindle drive
Conversational Programming / Color CRT
6-foot Multi-tube Hydraulic Bar Feed
Citizen B12 – Swiss Turning Center
.0001" programmable resolution and tool offset
.500" thru collet, 5.300" max turned length
3-hp, 12000-rpm spindle drive
12-foot Hydraulic Bar Feed
Citizen B12-
Live Tooling, Back Spindle & Magazine Bar Feed
.0001" programmable resolution and tool offset
.500" thru collet, 5.300" max turned length
Main Spindle 12000-rpm
Back Spindle 7000-rpm
IEMCA 12-foot Hydraulic Magazine Bar Feed
Citizen F20 –
CNC Swiss Automatic with Live Tooling
.0001" programmable resolution and tool offset
.813" thru collet, 7.87" max turned length
7.5-hp, 7000-rpm spindle drive
Twin pentagonal turrets
Optical tool presetter & 12-foot Hydraulic Bar Feed